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Monday, March 3, 2008

Week 6 & 7: Mt Washington, Here I Come!

Guilt is a powerful incentive. For the better part of the time elapsed since my last post, I have been unable to adequately train and stick to any sort of schedule. I confess that I am disgusted with my lack of activity, and my embarrassment only serves to further motivate me towards success.

At the end of every day that goes by that I don't train, I go to bed with a heavy feeling of malcontent, and I wake up reinvigorated. If this inspiration is too insubstantial, and I don't work out again, then the guilt accumulates to make me even more determined to end my frustration with visible progress and the adherence to my goal plans.

Basically, I feel like a lazy good-for-nothing, and I give myself no slack for it. It's simply unacceptable, as I have far too much riding on my success, and it is far too important to ignore and leave to fester.

This past weekend, I went on a marvelous outing to Great Falls Park, MD and did some rappelling and learned some technical skills for what is known as "aid climbing," or climbing a rock face using rope loops as "steps" and pull systems. Specifically, the "Texas Prusik," a technique useful for self-rescue when one's fallen into a glacier.

This guy's practicing the Texas Prusik on a tree.

What fun! The latter climb took me a long time, as I was practicing incorrect technique. It's much harder than it looks on paper! Conceptualizing it is one thing, but it can be very challenging indeed.

Rappelling in the Potomac Gorge. I'm up pretty high!

Lastly, I will be spending my spring break in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. A couple of friends and I will be climbing Mount Washington and Mount Lafayette, and also some ice faces! Ice climbing is a very specific and potentially dangerous skill, but I'm very excited to get started!

It's going to be a very cold climb, many degrees below zero, and most certainly below freezing. Wind chill's going to be killer, as the summit of Mt Washington is the windiest place on Earth (on record).

I'm sure I'm going to have a blast! Check back next time for marvelous pictures and hopefully, a story of a successful summit!


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Adelaide Ruble said...

Looking forward to your story and photos of the trek up Mt.Washington and how it effected your blood sugar. What you think you will do with the specific lessons